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So, you’ve purchased a camera and want to take professional-looking photos?

Or perhaps you want to get into photography and just don’t know where to start?

No problem! I created this site especially for you. My aim is to give you an all-in-one resource for photography.

Look through our how to’s and information below to get started.

Looking For a Photography Course You Can Take Online?photography

Nowadays, you don’t need to attend schools and workshops in order to learn photography. There are a ton of sites offering classes which you can take online.

The course format is usually by logging into the site’s members area, downloading the learning material and then taking the test after the 4 or 5 week course has finished.

Training is usually followed by an instructor who is a qualified photographer, so you’re in good hands.

This type of learning format makes it convenient as you can do it around your own schedule and from home.

Some courses offer an accredited certificate when you complete and pass a course while some are not, but you’re still given a certificate from the organization which shows you have completed the course.

You could very easily visit some top photography blogs and websites and learn that way, but it all depends on your outcome. Having a certificate gives more credibility to your name. Perhaps you could go further and get a degree!

If you want to learn more about online photography courses you can read this article we prepared on the different sites and organizations offering classes and courses.

Want To Start Your Own Photography Business?

Starting a photography business or a business in general can be daunting, which is why you need a guide. There’s so much to it like having a business plan in place, which equipment to use, how to deal with customers and how to get started.

When you’re just starting out, it’s hard to find clients because no one knows who you are and what work you’ve done. Credibility and experience is crucial when it comes to a photography business.

Think about the different ways you can make money as a photographer. There’s more to it than just becoming a wedding or landscape photographer. What’s more common these days are real estate photography and stock photography.

And what about coming up with a name? Photography business names can be hard because first impressions lasts and you want to make sure it’s perfect.

Some ideas for a business and making money from photography are:

  • Taking portraits
  • Baby photos
  • Maternity photos
  • Second shooter photographer
  • A photobooth business

These are a few just to give you somewhere to start. Freelancing is another which is the most common way since you can work around your own schedule and current job.

Ultimately, the best way to get started is by actually taking the first step in establishing a business and getting yourself out there so that people know that you’re available. You never know what will happen. It may do great or it might not, but if you don’t try at all you’ll probably regret not doing it.

Photographer’s Insurance

When you start a photography business, you need to consider liability and insurance. There are difference types of insurances you need to look out for such as equipment, employer’s and automobile insurance.

You’ve already invested thousands of dollars into your camera equipment and accessories, so having insurance will give you a peace of mind that you’ll be covered for any damages.

If you want to take your business seriously and professionally, you should consider insurance and liabilities.

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